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Thursday Evening - Bible Study and Mentoring Program (Zoom)

Jars of Clay Women’s Fall Retreat #53 November 5 – 7, 2021

Sonflower Ministries

Battlefield of the Mind

Author Joyce Meyer guides you through personal trials, tragedies, and ultimate victories of her marriage, family, and ministry. Her transformation journey includes the truth she learned from God’s Word that changed her thinking and life.

The course is taught by Mary Lucy Holliday, Founder of Sonflower Ministries.

Sonflower Ministries

How Will This Course Help You?

  • Help you find peace and gain control over your soul, your mind, will, and emotions
  • Allow you to think clearly so you can see the truth in God’s Word
  • Help you overcome wilderness mentalities that hold you in harmful circumstances
  • Recognize damaging thought patterns and guide you to stop them from influencing your life
  • Ensure you gain victory over your worries, fears, confusion, and self-condemnation!

Important Details

The event begins on Thursday evening, September 9, 2021, and concludes on October 21, 2021. Each Zoom session is two hours beginning at 6:30 PM ET and concludes at 8:30 PM ET.

Students will receive the Zoom code before each session. Feel free to invite your friends to this life-changing Bible study.

Sonflower Ministries
Sonflower Ministries


$21.00 per person pre-paid.

Please make your check payable to Sonflower Ministries and mail it to 2940 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite B 338, Marietta, GA 30062-8361.

Sorry, no refunds for classes missed. Each student is responsible for purchasing their book “Battlefield Of The Mind” by Joyce Meyer.

For more information about our events, or to register, contact us.



November 5—7, 2021
Strong Rock Camp and Retreat Center
Cleveland, Georgia
In the foothills of the
Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains



Whether you are single, married, widowed, or divorced…whether you are 18 or 81…whether you are a career woman, a carpooling mom, a carefree senior, or a busy woman who just needs a break…

This Retreat is for You!

“Jars of Clay”…Powerful Retreat Program:

PRAISE AND WORSHIP LEADER SUSAN SHEWBRIDGE, gifted vocalist, pianist, rhythm guitarist. A talented recording artist who has written and recorded her own music. Our Praise and Worship Leader since 1995. She is the first runner-up in the 2021 Ms. Senior Georgia Pageant.

LISA KENNEDY, DIRECTOR OF WORSHIP ARTS AT SFM, is a talented soloist who has recorded a CD “My Alabaster Box”. She is a gifted teacher who has tutored several award-winning students. She is the soloist for the SFM International Zoom Conferences and Worship Leader at Bethany Baptist Church in Snellville, Georgia.


Keynote Speakers:

WANDA STRICKLAND is a seasoned Bible teacher who loves to study God’s Word. She received a call from God to minister to hurting women many years ago. She serves as SFM Director of Counseling and testifies as being crushed, broken and re-molded by the Master Potter. Her message is: “Empty Arms, Empty Promises.”

GELETA PARKER is affectionally known as “GiGi” meaning “God is gracious”. She is well-known as an international speaker, author of four books, Poet Laureate, teacher and a gourmet chef who performs live-stream cooking shows. She bakes custom-designed cakes and plans for her own food truck “Gimme Gourmet by GiGi Bee”. She is transparent, anointed and brings truth from God’s Word. GELETA’S MESSAGE: “Broken, But Beautiful”.

DAWN VECCHIO: She and her husband, Sal, started in NY as young adults with a shaky marriage which slowly deteriorated. It became a “You hurt me…I hurt you” type of existence which included drugs, alcohol, and affairs. It took almost losing everything SO THAT they could gain everything in Jesus. Her message is: “Breaking the Chains of Sin”.

LEANNE HORNSBY has been called by God to be an encourager, and has a passion for sharing Jesus with women in crisis – incarcerated, struggling with addiction, homeless, abused. Leanne has led a Jail Ministry for many years as well as weekly outreach at a Women’s Shelter and a substance abuse treatment facility. She is a Bible teacher, mentor, and speaker at Ladies’ Conferences. Her heart is to share the Gospel with women SO THAT they can be rescued by the One who changes lives. Leanne serves as the Chaplain of Sonflower Ministries and is a co-teacher on the SFM Making a Difference team. LEANNE’S MESSAGE: “The Treasure in Earthen Vessels”.

TESTIMONIES from women who have overcome many hardships and trials. From all stages and walks of life, these women have been broken vessels who trusted the hands of The Master Potter


Laura Schupbach: “Tragedy to Orange Moments”:
After the heart-rending loss of her oldest son, God’s Word and journaling her pain produced an impactful book to help others grieve their loss.

Karin S. P. Boreyko: “Trust the Journey”:
God revealed to Karin who believed she was not qualified to teach and lead a women’s discipleship group that He was able to equip her for the leadership role He planned for her. As a caregiver and later widow, Karin witnessed God taking her weaknesses and making them into strengths to reach others.

Mary Lucy Holliday: “Because I Want Someone to Love Me”:
A life-long search...but the answer was there all along!


Workshops Offered at the Retreat

“Crafting Your Healing”: Julie McCray
“The Freedom of Forgiveness”: Leanne Hornsby
“Rejection, Reaction, Recovery”: Mary Lucy Holliday

Retreat Details and Registration:

ARRIVAL TIME is any time between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM on Friday, November 05, 2021.

RETREAT BEGINS with Friday dinner, which will be served at 5:45 PM in the Dining Hall. Sorry, no dinner will be saved for late arrivals. DEPARTURE: We will dismiss at 3:00 PM on Sunday, November 07, 2021.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Please be prepared! Insurance information, doctor’s names and phone number, all medical history we would need to know, and current telephone number of family members ARE REQUIRED TO BE BROUGHT WITH YOU TO THE RETREAT.

COVID PROTOCOL: Upon entry into the camp Conference Center, it is required that you show your Covid-19 proof of full vaccination card OR…Provide proof of having a negative Covid-19 test which is no more than 3 days (72 hours) prior to your arrival at the camp. For safety, no one will be admitted to the retreat without one of these required protocol proofs.


Please complete this registration form, detach, and mail to SONFLOWER MINISTRIES (SFM) 2940 Johnson Ferry Rd., Suite B-338

Marietta, Georgia 30062-8361 USA

“Jars of Clay”

FALL SFM RETREAT # 53; NOV. 5—7, 2021
COST: $225.00 Each PRE-PAID Price includes: 2 Nights Lodging, 6 Meals, Registration Fee and Retreat Materials.

Please print:


Please make your check or money order payable to SONFLOWER MINISTRIES. If mailing your check or money order, please use the address listed above.

Please note: Registration fees are refundable until September 1, 2021. Sorry, no refunds will be made after September 1, 2021. Donations and gifts to help and sponsor others to the retreat are tax-deductible. However, your own registration fee is not tax-deductible


All donations receive a receipt at year-end. There will be a $40.00 fee for any check returned due to NSF. Please note: If you are a “no show” at the retreat, your registration fee will not be reimbursed to you. Upon receipt of your registration fee, you will receive via email driving directions and your “What to Bring to Camp with You” info.

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